Young Before The Dawn

. . .

A Day Like No Other

A Friend No More

A Life Of Change

A Path Of Grief

After Long And Tiring Days

Alive and Well In Times Of Need

All I Do For You

All I Have You See

All I Want

All Is Calm Within

All Is Full With Silent Thought

All Is Never Lost

All That Is Good

All Will Be Fine

All Will Be Well Between Us

Amidst This Land Of Pain And Grief I Find Myself

An Open Book

Are You The Same

Around The Corner Come And See

As Best I Can

As Mother Grow Strong

As Time Floats Past

As You Look On

Ask And I Will Do

At Peace In War

At Times I Am Afraid

Be Careful With Your Choice

Be Close This Hour

Be Kind This Day

Be More Than All You Know

Be Still So I May See

Be Strong My Beating Heart

Be What I Can Be Come What May

Be With Hope Be With Me

Beauty and Grace

Becalmed My Kindred Spirit

Because Of You I Stay

Becoming New

Before I Die I Wish For This

Before I Leave You Meet My Eyes

Before I Say Goodbye

Before I Show Myself I Share My Wish

Before The Life That Comes

Before The Sound Of Dawn I Wake

Before This Day Is Done

Before You Now I Feel Your Sad And Lonely Spirit Strong

Behind My Eyes My Love Runs Deep

Being Loved As Sky and Cloud

Believe Me Now

Believe Me When

Beneath My Feet I Feel This Earth My Love

Beneath This Tree Of Life

Between The Days Of Age I Dream

Beyond Belief

Beyond My Home

Beyond The Limits Of My Age

Born Into Splendour

Born Of Light And Cold

Born With More Or Less Untold

Breaking Rocks In Day And Night

Breathe In My Life With Sadness Grow

Bring Me Your Sunshine

Burn Bright This Sight Of You

Calm And Gentle Soul

Calm In Youth

Caution Is My Life

Certain As The Stars Above


Close And Precious Dream Remain

Cold As Ice

Cold The Night Comes Soon

Come Close As I Become

Come Close For Warmth And Love Cocooned

Come Take My Hand

Compassion Revealed

Confusion Upturned


Cool Strength

Deep Thought


Desired Too

Desperate For You

Determined Love

Do No Harm


Down And Out


Driven To Do More

Earthly Beauty Bound



Enough Be Gone

Far Long My Love Remains

Fierce At Peace

Fierce For Life

Fierce Of Mind

Finding Nothing More Than Fear Itself

First Meeting

For You I Give Myself


Frail Is My Heart

Free My Spirit

Freedom Fly

Frightened And Alone

From One Day To The Next My Thirst

Future Struggle

Futures Hope

Gazing At The Pale Moonlight

Gentle Heart

Gentle Love

Give Me Strength

Gone Are The Days

Good Fortune Come My Way

Hard Labour

Heaven Sent

Help Me

Here I Am

Holding Everything Inside


How Beautiful This World

How Did I Get Here

How Did This Happen

How Sadness Fills My Heart

I Am Alone Without My Love

I Am As You Inside

I Am Blind As You Are Too

I Am Far From Certain

I Am Less Than Free

I Am Loosing Trust

I Am Myself

I Am Sorry For Your Loss

I Am Stronger Than I Look

I Believe In You

I Can Do This

I Deserve No Forgiveness

I Did Not Like You

I Did Not Mean To Hurt You

I Did Not Mean To

I Did Not Think So

I Did Not Want You Here

I Doubted You

I Dream Awake

I Dream Of That Time

I Fear For What May Happen

I Feel For You

I Feel What You Feel

I Feel Your Pain

I Fight For What Is Right

I Give You This

I Have Long Thought This Way

I Have No Doubt

I Have No Idea

I Have Nothing But You

I Have Nothing Left To Give Or Gain

I Have Paid My Price

I Hear You

I Honour You

I Hurt

I Know As You Do Not

I Know My Mind And Spirit Strong

I Know My Past

I Know Myself

I Know What Others Think Of Me

I Like That

I Listen With All My Heart

I Live For You

I Lived and Lost

I Long For Love

I Look And Learn

I Look With Care

I Look You In The Eye

I Love Ideas In You My Heart

I Love My Sister Lost

I Love Your Love

I Meet What Comes My Way

I Must Do This

I Need This

I Never Had The Chance

I Pass The Age of Youth

I Place My Trust In You

I Quarrel With You

I Regret Nothing

I Search For More Than Meets The Eye

I See You

I Seek No Change But Love

I Sense Your Love

I Should Not Have Done That

I Stand Ready

I Tell You Once Again

I Think Not

I Think Of You Each Day

I Thought I Understood

I Trust You

I Try My Best

I Understand You

I Was You Once

I Watch You Now

I Will Be More

I Will Care For You

I Will Follow You

I Will Help You

I Will Keep Control

I Will Listen

I Will Never Change

I Will Outlast Cruelty

I Will Try My Best

I Wish For What I Once Felt Strong

I Wish For What You Have

I Wish

I Wonder Why

I Yearn For Love

I Yearn For You

If Needs Must

If Only I Had Loved You More

If Only I Had Seen

If You Say So

If You Think I Should

In Love

In Open Land





Into The Distance

Is This All

Is This My End

Is This What I Want And Need

Join Me Now And Journey


Just You And I

Keep Me Safe


Kiss Me

Knowing More No More

Late At Night

Let Me Love

Let Me See Inside Your Heart

Life Possessed By Longing Far

Lifeblood Brother

Listen To Me

Listen To The Waterfall The Air And Woodland Song

Long Before I Felt

Long Lived Love

Long My Friendship Lasts

Long Past My Love


Look Kindly On My Life

Look Me In The Eye

Look Me Square As Eagle Eye To Eye

Look On

Look Towards

Lost In Past I See You Now

Lost Love

Love Is More Than This

Love My Only Path

Love With Age and Feel Its Force




Make This Day With Me

Modest As The Dew On Summer Day

More Belongs To Others

More On The Inside

More Than Life I Trust

More Than Ordinary Me

More To Come

Music Shares My Inner Most

My Blue My Eyes For You Come Close

My Calm and Certain Voice

My Day Of Hope

My Difference Brings Me Here

My Dream Today

My Eyes To Yours

My First Dream Dreamt And Felt As Real

My Foolish Spirit

My Fun And Games

My Future Seen

My Glint Of Eye Upon Your Pain

My Guilt Enclosed

My Heart Beats Strong Despite Your Harm

My Hope In This Our World

My Intensity Far From Known Remains

My Journey Long

My Life As Memory Strays On

My Life My World

My Life Of Love And Ache

My Life Of Love Well Lived

My Life Without My Mother Close

My Love As Strong With Age

My Love Has Gone

My Love Is Lost

My Middle Years

My Passion Felt And Feared

My Passion For This Day

My Peace Hard Won

My Possibility And Hope

My Serious Thought

My Spirit Force Of Rain And Forest

My Spirit Land

My Spirit Song Sings Sad

My Strength As Woman

My Strength Is Earth

My Truth Is More Than Beauty Shown

My Unknown Past

My Will Will Make

My Wish For Peace

My World Is Yours

My World Like Yours Is Rich

My World To Yours

My Worry For This Day

My Wound Of Marriage

My Years In Thought

No I Did Not

No Longer Me

No One More Than You

Northern Lights My Love

Not So Long Before I Go

Nothing But The Best

Nothing But This Dream

Nothing Garnished

Nothing Left To Give

Nothing More Nothing Less

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Nothing Will Stop My Pain

Ocean Squall

Often Times

On Cold Uncertain Days

On My Own This Lonely Night

On The Edge Of Heartbreak

Once Renegade No More

Once Young

One Day Ago I Seemed As This

One Day When I Grow Up

Only Just Begun

Paralysed Yet Powerful

Perhaps I Should



Play The Day Away

Please Say You Will


Pride In What I Do


Proof Of Love

Protect Me As I Will You

Pure Of Heart



Resignation Replete




Sadness Fills My Day

Sadness Of My Loss Of Child

Sadness Rules My Heart

Searching For You

Secret World

See This Through

Seeing First This Life

Self Assured


Sensitive and Brave

Serve Well My Love

Show Me

Sister Spirit

Skin Deep Certainty

So Nearly

Softened Heart

Some Day

Something Funny

Sometime Soon

Sometimes Nothing Moves To Change

Somewhere Else I Wish To Be

Somewhere Far My Inner Self Remains

Standing Strong

Stay Warm Your Heart

Stay With Me

Strong And Silent

Strong As The North Wind

Strong Without But Not Within



Suddenly I See


Sustain My Heart

Take Me Seriously

Take The Shirt Off My Back

Tell Me The Truth

Tell Me Why

Tender Love

Tenderness My Heart Is Home

The Beauty Of Our World

The Bite Of Cold

The Consequence Of My Day

The Dancer

The Father I Wish To Be

The Fear Of Not So Long Ago

The Fun I Have

The Fun Inside

The Future Bright

The Future World Is In My Care

The Glass Half Full

The Life I Hold

The Love I Give

The Most My Love Is Yours

The Natural World

The Night Draws In

The North Wind Bites

The Shadow Of Our World Grows Strong

The Shirt On My Back Is All I Own

The Sight Of You

The Space Between Us

The Start Of Something New

The Struggle

The Way of Love

The Wisdom of Youth

The Wonder Of My Hearing You

The World As New

The World Is Rich As We Are Poor

The World To Rights

There Is Nothing Here For Me

Think Fondly Of My Touch

Think Long And Hard Before You Do

This Cannot Be

This Have I Seen

This I Have Seen

This I Know

This Is Not Possible

This Night My Last Be Long

This Was Not My Fault

Tightly Closed My Heart Will Be

Time To Sleep

Tired Love

Too Many Times I Feel This Way


Trust Is Far From Me

Trust Me I Will Leave

Trust Me

Try Once Then Seek Another Path

Turn Away Move On



Wait For Me

Wait To Live

Waiting For Your Word

Waiting With My Heart For You

Warmth Of Light At Evening Time I Give

We Will Meet Again

What Am I To You

What Do You Want From Me

What Has Become Of My Joy

What Have I Done

What I Believe

What If I Am Right

What If I Change

What If I Say No

What If

What Is Best For You

What Is My Heart To You

What Path To Choose

What World Is This That Locks My Heart

What You Give Is What You Receive

What You See Is Not Found Here

When All Is Said And Done

When Day Turns To Night

When Love Hurts Most

When Your Thoughts Meet Mine

Where Do I Belong

Where Sadness Dwells

Where There Is Life There Is Love

Where Will I Live

Who Are You

Why Hurt The World

Why Should I

Will You Do This For Me

Wise Today Gone Tomorrow

Wishing For Escape From Here

With Everything I Am

With Land Of Storm

With Little But Hope

With Love For Earth I Love

With Night And Day I Think Of You

With War I Stand

With You I Find My Strength

Without You



Wonder Wide And Far

Wondered Land

Word Without End

Work Hard Be Good

Woundless World

You And I Are Changed

You And I Will Act With Love

You And I Will Make With Storm

You Have As I

You Never Know What Form Of Love Becomes

You Read Me Well As One We Sense

Young and Old

Young Before The Dawn

. . .

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